We at Freshfox use Codeship for close to a 100% of our projects. Automation is key for us to not waste time on testing and deployment. Doesn't matter if it's a full NodeJs API or a simple WordPress site, everything gets continuously deployed via Codeship.

Since Telegram is the main messenger I use and there's no default integration for it on Codeship I wrote a NodeJs server which notifies us via Telegram when a build on Codeship succeeds or fails. It connects the Telegram API with the Codeship Webhook API. We didn't want to check our emails every time we push changes. Now all email notifications are disabled and we completely rely on the Telegram notifications.

The bot has 2 modes: Default mode notifies you about failing builds and the subsequent succeeding build. If you append ?mode=all you'll receive all failing and succeeding builds. You can add the bot to a group or use the direct chat. Just contact the bot or write /newship and he will respond with a webhook for the current chat room for your project.

You can find the full source code at Github, it's hosted on one of our DigitalOcean instances. Feel free to extend the functionality for your needs and open a pull request. Even the Bot itself gets deployed via Codeship and once the server is restarted and the build succeeds it notifies us via itself ;)

You can find the bot @codeship_bot and the source code on Github