Finally, after about nearly 3 months of being down I took to the time to finish the Ghost theme to a point where don't need to be ashamed of publishing it. The blog is up and running again, I migrated from Wordpress to Ghost which wasn't that easy because my Wordpress wasn't accessible via the web anymore.

I now host this blog from a self managed AWS instance, running a web server just as a proxy (yet) and node with ghost.

A few words about this theme. I published it on Github I tried to keep it as simple and minimalistic as possible. It's originally based on the default theme Casper to get some default styling and I didn't want to start from scratch. I made it responsive and switched the fonts to Open Sans and Roboto because I really like the legibility of those two.

It supports Disquis comments and Google Analytics beautifully outsourced in parials.

Styling written in scss and compiling, minification and deployment with grunt makes it easy to continue working on it.